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Learn how we took this Shopify store from zero to $153K in 30 days 😊
I've helped thousands of my eCommerce mentoring students around the world start their own online side-hustle businesses from scratch. I'm looking for another 5 students to help launch this week. DM me "ECOM" to learn! I'll reply back w/ the info!
Results talk! We walk the talk.
My eCommerce mentoring course πŸ“²
I run an updated 2022 eCommerce program that shows you how to start & grow your own profitable Shopify store business in under 30 days. We've put together a 15 module training with 102 videos in HD that detail every step of the process. Our unique methods have been responsible for multiple millions of dollars in sales revenue and profits. For more information, you can message me on Instagram.
About me πŸ˜„
My name is Teddy Briggs. I'm currently 28 years old, and I grew up in Adelaide, Australia. Currently living in Queensland. For a couple years now I've been doing e-commerce full time and for the last several months I've been helping other people follow in my footsteps, quit their 9-5 jobs, and create 24/7 online income in a matter of weeks along with my mentor. I've also got a degree in finance. I've sold products online in the jewellery space, beauty space, and fashion space with ecommerce. My journey with online business has been great, making $15,000 in my first ever five weeks following the simple eCommerce business blueprint that my mentor showed me. I'm now doing an average of $600-$2,700 every day, some days I've made as much as $4.2K personally. It's mind blowing seeing the potential of online biz! Opportunity is everywhere around us.
My mission πŸš€
I want to master life in all areas and empower others to do the same in their own unique way. I want to help people wake up in the morning with a smile on their face, excited for what the day has to offer. The world has so much to offer us all!
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