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  I want to give you the recipe behind how we scaled a new Shopify store past $153K/month with great profit margins & fast 3-5 day shipping for customers

Teddy Briggs

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"Thanks for applying to work with me! For me, eCommerce was about getting ahead of my bills and building a strong side-hustle income stream. I was able to go from zero to making 15 thousand dollars in my first 5 weeks in eCommerce thanks to the help of a mentor. After that I've generated seven figures in online sales using my phone/laptop. I've even scaled a store past $153K a month. It's been incredible. Since then, my mentor and I have been refining the system into something that's now helped 1,759+ students in 62+ countries make tens of millions in combined sales. The eCom wave isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Get on or get left behind! Give it a try, worst case you learn some new skills... Best case you end up achieving goals you never thought possible. Looking forward to helping you get started too! Tap below!"

Recent Student Results

We've helped an abundant number of students get started in eCommerce. Results do the talking. Have a quick scroll through some recent student results. You can see that this biz model works! (legit and tangible).

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Testimonials From Recent Students

“Had my first $150,000 month. That’s $5K per day on average. This is such a good feeling, especially because I’m only just getting warmed up! This opportunity has been phenomenal. Crazy that some people aren’t taking advantage of this wave!”
Frank M.

“If I can make $104,000+ selling some simple products in my online eCom store while being in high school, anyone can. Excited for what my future holds. There are no excuses. Thanks!”
William M.

“Got my first 3 orders within the first few days of launching this store! $602 made so far and only growing from here. Cheers for the constant support guys!”
Jamal E.

“Finally cracked the 6 figure mark! Yew! $101,732 in a few months. Much appreciated.”
Troy S.

“Launched my store today, already done $1,040 in sales. Been working hard on this and I am grateful for all the tools and help. Now I need to get it consistent. Just warming up!”
Wayne S.

“Check out my last month’s results. I’ve made over $27,090+ so far already. Keep smashing it out, my friends. To the moon!”
Isaak F.

“First $544 USD day in the books finally! Love it. Thanks mate!”
Liban O.

“Not too shabby for my first day! Launched my store 2 hours ago and made $240+ from multiple orders. Thank you for your guidance. Let’s kill it in Q4!”
Marc D.

“Wow… Never thought I’d see the day when I hit over $100K in sales. Finally! When I first started I was sceptical but thank god I took a chance on myself. This works! Thank you”
Anna L.

“An update of my progress. This is my second month doing this and so far I’ve made well over $61,125+ in revenue from following the training and using the tools. BOOM!”
Joe K.

“Finished with $17,000+ for the month. Appreciate the help. Looking forward to scaling higher! Cheers to everything you are doing for us.”
Emily D.

“I thought I’d give you an update. Last week I made $34,500+ from my store. Been focusing more on branding and customer experience. This is key. Thank you! Growing steadily.”
Guy D.

“Made over $11,700 in the last 2 weeks from my store. Use this as motivation. I was struggling in the beginning but I stuck with the process and it worked! Results will come. Cheers!”
Jacob B.

“Wanted to share my results with you as I’m super proud. Put up a store selling sunglasses yesterday and have already made $539 without spending a cent on ads. Keep smashing it.”
John V.

“Launched a store following your formula to a T, in the first 10 days I’ve made $30,000 and today alone I have made $5K. If I keep growing at this rate I’ll retire early haha! Cheers”
Alex J.

“Had a great month. Made over $100,000 USD, which is approximately $142,000 AUD. This is my third month doing this store in the fashion niche. Thank you.”
Tom F.

“Thanks! I’ve finally made sales. Started earning money within my first 24 hours! Loving it.”
Sean B.

“Yay! I wanted to share my excitement with you! Made $430 in my first 6 hours going live with my new store! My vision has finally come to life. Thank you! Also bought my dream car.”
Gizelle B.

“Thanks so much for the opportunity! I was scared in the beginning but took a chance and it’s paid off. I’m making over $500+ per day now and can’t wait to quit my job.”
Brandon B.
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